Every dollar you give has double the impact!

The Bob Barker Foundation matching grant makes it possible

Every dollar you give has double the impact! image

Turn a $100 donation into $200!

How important is it to you to have God in your house? Now, thanks to a matching grant from the Bob Barker Foundation, you can help us put God in the "house" of every inmate in Texas and more by donating to the Pando campaign. You may be wondering, "What in the world is Pando?" Pando is a free app that delivers content like sermons, worship music, devotionals, podcasts, and other spiritual growth content directly into the hands of incarcerated people all over the country. Nearly 420,00 inmates nationwide, including virtually every inmate in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice have tablets with Pando. This campaign will allow us to post the life-changing Word of God on that platform. And we will be able to get valuable metrics as feedback on our content. In addition to the number of inmates actually viewing our messages, we will be able to see how many inmates are giving their lives to Jesus through those Gospel messages.

For comparison, it's interesting to note that in years past our ministry budgeted $425/month ($5,100 a year) to put the Sound of Freedom on 2 radio stations each week. We had no idea how many people we were reaching other than the occasional letter we received. We're no longer broadcasting the Sound of Freedom and the feedback we're getting from inmates at our services is that they want to see us on Pando. The monthly cost for Pando is more than the old radio program ($1,500/month), but we get to put out much more content (96 times a year vs 52), the content is video versus just audio, we'll have a targeted audience (our primary mission - the incarcerated), the potential audience is growing (currently about 420,000), the content is available to the inmates on demand (when, where, and how often they want to watch, pause, replay etc.), and we will get analytics to help us gauge the effectiveness of our messages where radio only provided general demographics.

Your generosity today not only strengthens our mission, but also multiplies the positive change we can achieve together. Let's put God in prison cells where He belongs!

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